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Does DCS support FFB natively?


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I bought a MSSWFFB2 and was wondering if there is additional software I will need. Has anyone put a TM:WH A-10 joystick on this FFB base?
1. No, it works out of the box. Remember to reverse axis though. But for helicopters there's an app, (sorry don't remember the link), that can fine tune the trimming forces a little better.
2. I think some has. But they also modded the FFB2 to be stronger as the Warthog grip is heavy. I'm gonna do the power mod and mate two FFB2s together and hope it will work for the Warthog grip. I have seen several adding other plastiv grips from TM and CH though. Especially the old plastic F-22 grip. "Same" as F-16/Warthog.

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