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Beirut Airport and big Planes


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As i like to make my scenarios more alive by Units doing stuff around me i find a lot of things not working.

Beirut has a big problem with big planes like AWACS, Tankers, etc.

They seem to love choosing the shortest runways and taxiways, they dont fit on or Takeoff towards the mountains not turning towards the ocean after liftoff to not crash into the electric poles on top of the mountain or crashing into the tall buildings end of runway either in landing attempts or after takeoff. I would love to have the option to tell them where to start and what direction to avoid this stuff from happening.
Also cant wait for helicopters to be able to land and refuel properly. They jsut wont do it. I know its on low priority. Please give it some love ;)




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Later that Mission as planes arrive at Bassel Al Assad the Transport plane first stopped at the intersection but like 5 seconds before the AN-26 touched down he pulled out and yeah the An-26 was not able to pull up anymore and cut off the Tail and crashed. I wonder why he stopped, it was alomst intentional to pull out on him to scam insurance ;D
I had the Transporters start from here earlier but they wouldnt start taxi. I think in Bassel Al Assad something prevents sometimes planes and Helicopters from taking off, they wait for soimething to happen first. I mainly see them waiting for long times before starting their task if there are other planes taking of and landing on bassel Al assad later on on their route. Sometimes the other plens just wait and hold until the other planes literally 1 hour away from landing arrived.


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