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How big is a waypoint?

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The waypoints themselves are just points in space with no "size" exactly. Different aircraft with auto waypoint advancing have different rules that determine when the waypoint is switched. Typically you need to be within a certain distance and distance needs to switch from increasing rather than decreasing. 


I usually just switch manually all the time, that way I can begin my turn out in front of the waypoint and not overshoot the flight plan. 

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Waypoints are only as big as when you start accelerating past them. If you fly directly over it, youll fly the distance timer to 0. If you fly to the left or right of it by .2 miles, the distance will invariably stop decreasing and then start increasing, hence it will cycle to the next waypoint providing you are in AUTO. Literally there is no size to the waypoint unless a waypoint is a fixed visual reference point on a map; IE the Pyramid Casino, Hoover Dam, Area 51...

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