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Custom warehouse persists onto other missions

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This warehouse bug seems to break any custom warehouse of an airfield to persist onto any mission. Only fixed after a restarting DCS. So far I've only tested it with F-16s, I will come back and try other aircraft too. 

Steps to recreate:
1. Have a mission already prepared with custom warhouse and cold-start on any desired airfield on any map. (Provided: Limited Warehouse.miz)
2. Start DCS and run the mission (Limited Warehouse.miz) directly from the main menu via the "Missions" button.
3. Once mission is done loading, check the loadout screen and observe the now limited Ordinance (100x AIM-9L)
4. Now try to load another mission with supposedly Unlimited ordinance (Unlimited Warehouse.miz)
5. Go to the loadout screen and find the 100x AIM-9L to persist.

Steps to fix the issue:
1. Exit DCS to desktop and start it again
2. Load any mission with a cold-start and Unlimited ammo enabled (Unlimited Warehouse.miz)
3. Go to loadout screen and see all weapons available again.

However if you try to now load "Limited Warehouse.miz" you'll find the Unlimited Weapons will persist there as well. If you follow the steps to recreate above, but reverse with loading "Limited Warehouse.miz" 1st then "Unlimited Warehouse.miz" 2nd. The mission with limited weapons will now be broken and the unlimited ordinance persists there now instead.

Limited Warehouse.miz Unlimited Warehouse.miz

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