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Modeling of Landline Damage


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I am not sure how much is modeled in the module itselfe and how much in 2.7, but having the landline damage modeled nicely would add to realism and give us some extra swaet when it comes to flying low with higher workload.
There have been some accidents in the past so it definetly is an issue.



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Since we're here. Implement the wire cutters on the bird.

Right now if we fly choppers into the landlines they loose rotors or die no matter what. The apache, like a lot of helicopters, is equipped with a wire strike protection system (wsps), that in case of a wire strike will cut the wire.

They are located

  • on top of the canopy before the rotor axle
  • on the nose of the TADS, facing down
  • on the fuselage just in front of the gun
  • on both main landing gears

I would like that if hit in the right place, there will be no catastrophic damage to the helicopter but instead the power lines disappear.

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