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CTD after command Jester to tune new Tacan-Radio-Freq

Steff Bourne

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Hello, wanted to report a Bug. i can reproduce it 100%.


It happens on Multiplayerserver Aerobatics Caucasus Online with the Tomcat. When i start the flight, head out to the Supercarrier, tune in Tacan as well as Rios Radio to Tune Tac for the SC, land a couple of times and after that, when i wanted to tune the RIOs AN/ARC182 Radio via Jester Commandwheel to the next Tac Freq, for example a Tanker, it always crash´s the game to desktop after selecting the tanker, without a crashreport option.


Now i´ve installed the Echo19 sound mod, srs and Scratchpad. But the game crash´s without the mods as well.


The attached File must be the one when the crash happend.


Hope i can help you with this report.


best regards.






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