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Looking for info about the IFF responder

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I've tried Google, forum search, checked both the manual and Chuck's guide, but I haven't found any info about the Mi-8's IFF responder.

Does anyone know if it actually works?
Does it require setting up? If so, how?


I'm asking because Mi-8s don't seem to respond to IFF interrogations (at least when vipers perform them... I'm not sure if it's a viper bug, an mi-8 bug or something else)


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I doubt you'll find public data on the russian version of IFF, it's Device 6201 according to the manual and a quick search yielded some results.





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Parol IFF system ("Засекречивающая аппаратура опознавания-Пароль" or "ЗАО-П"), successor to Kremnij-2 system. https://www.mil-airfields.de/equipment/soviet-russian-iff-parol.htm 1979+. SRO-1P Izdeliye 6201.


I think panel 458 with red covers is for self-destruction and/or erasure of system. Button on left is for erasure (destructive I think) of sensitive info. On right is for setting emergency distress status.


Panel 454 I will guess. English cockpit mod labels KD/KP lights (probably pushlights for testing bulb?) on top as CD/TR.


ЗДПАСНОИ / РАБ switch on right google translates as SPARE / SLAVE


Looks like a dial at the bottom marked ABT / KD / +-15 / KP. ABT is usually automatic. Not sure what KD/KP selection does but I'm sure it's the same as the light labels above. Perhaps it is receive interrogation and reply? Ready to reply and reply? Limitation of the two frequency bands to operate on? +-15 I have no idea.


1/2 switch looks very similar to A/B code used by NATO mode 4 scheme. If mission would be overnight then daily code could be changed to match the one in use.

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