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JF17 DST Kneeboard?


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Does someone have a kneeboard image file for DST points, including especially the DST ranges for the different points, what they're used for (which weapons and how many points are supported) and what you enter on the f10 map to have the ground crew enter them into the DTC?

Maybe fill the extra space with some instructions on other navigation stuff

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Here's the several types of FP points used by the Thunder, and their F10 names so you can create them in game. (Note, F10 names are case sensitive.)


Point 00:

INS Initial Point. Used for INS alignment.



Points 01-30: Navigation Waypoints (F10: WPT1 - WPT30)

Used for navigation. Course lines are drawn between points on the HSD when any one of the 30 points are selected.



Points 31-35: Route Points (F10: RP1 - RP5)

Used by the C-802AK and CM-802AKG missiles. The missiles will use them as steerpoints and fly towards them before reaching the target. They will either fly the Route Points in ascending order or fly to a specific point and then turn to target depending how you set up the weapon.



Points 36-39: Pre-Planned Points (F10: PP1 - PP4)

Used by IAMs (cruise missiles, GPS bombs, etc.) to attack pre-planned targets.



Point 40: SPI

Point reserved for the SPI. You can select this point to display the last location of the SPI on the HUD and HSD.



Points 41-49: Markpoints

You can create Overfly(OFLY) and Designation(DSGT) markpoints using the MRK UFCP button.



Points 50-59: Airfields

Reserved points for nearby airfields. Points 50-58 are preloaded to the DTC before the mission, they cannot be edited. The airfields are loaded based on their proximity to the Navigation Waypoints set in the Mission Editor.

Point 59 can be fully edited. Its coordinates are set in the DST page and approach parameters in the APR page.

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