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Add DCS to this AMDs FFSR

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I don’t know about this new Technology but I have added DCS to their list.


suppose to be new stuff about out gaming world graphics and performance.


ALIENWARE R11 - I9 10900KF @ 5.0 GHz - M.2 NVMe 2TB - RTX3090  - XFURY 64GB -3400 MHz RAM

Monitor AW3420DW @ 120Hz - TM Warthog Throttle & TPR Rudder pedals - Virpil CM2 w/TM Hornet Stick Center - Monstertech Deck Mounts - HP G2 

RealSimulator FSSB-R3 Lightning Base w/ F16SRGRH SideStick - Open Beta 2.7

Start Date April 2020 


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