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MongoosT-50 CM disconnecting during flight


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I have a very annoying issue with my Virpil stick. It disconnects several times every flight, physically reconnecting the USB cable fixes the problem.

I checked Windows Power Settings and USB selective suspend setting is Disabled (USB is not going to sleep mode).

Anyone else got a similar issue?


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No virpil stuff, but I've dealt with a lot of usb disco/reco issues that are similar. Suddenly control stops working, then all USB devices would stop working, then a few seconds later all devices would power cycle and come back up. Or sometimes I'd just hear a disco/reco windows sound, which would turn off my joystick gremlin profile. Once every other hour or so.


I haven't had that happen in about a week now. Tough to know if it's solved or what it was. Things I tried before it seems to be fixed:


+ That selective suspend setting.

+ Changed a couple of devices from running to powered hubs to running straight to ports on my case.

+ Went through every single USB (like 100 of em) item in device manager (controllers and devices, plus G2 headset device) and disabled the "allow computer to turn this device off to save power" option in the power tab.

+ Changed bios settings related for USB. There was like a USB ACMI/AHCI Handshake/Handoff setting that once disabled seemed to make things a lot better (or this was the change that fixed it).

+ Used Device Cleaner and removed every usb device entry from the registry, then rebooted. (side note, sometimes I have to do this to get the devices I want under the 16 device limit for gremlin to see it)


edit: another side note, since doing the above stuff, along with not having usb issues lately, i haven't had any blue screens with my G2 either.

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Test it with another PC, i.e. a laptop. In my case, it was a faulty cable (round plug). VPC promptly sent a replacement though.

My controls & seat


Main controls: , BRD-N v4 Flightstick (Kreml C5 controller), TM Warthog Throttle (Kreml F3 controller), BRD-F2 Restyling Bf-109 Pedals w. damper, TrackIR5, Gametrix KW-908 (integrated into RAV4 seat)

Stick grips:

Thrustmaster Warthog

Thrustmaster Cougar (x2)

Thrustmaster F-16 FLCS



Standby controls:

BRD-M2 Mi-8 Pedals (Ruddermaster controller)

BRD-N v3 Flightstick w. exch. grip upgrade (Kreml C5 controller)

Thrustmaster Cougar Throttle

Pilot seat



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