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Us Army trucks info, and some errata on DCS World.


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Meanwhile I was check DCS, I discover a little mistake on the US Army trucks present on DCS World. On the encyclopedia, appears a 6x6 US truck called M818, a tractor truck coming from LOMAC / FC times.

Has two main problems. First, the M818 has trailer truck capable of towing semitrailers.


Second: The truck present on DCS World has a M813 cargo version.


That two trucks was part of the old M809 Serie 5 Tons 6x6 truck, used from late Vietnam war to 80s.


That has a evolution of the old Cold war / main Vietnam era M54 cargo trucks, with replace the old WW2 6x4 trucks on the Us Army. That maintain on use to 90s





The M809 series evolved to the M929 series trucks on 80s





On the 90s the old 6x6, 4x4 and other trucks was replaced by the new M1083-1091 truck series (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV)

M1083 with armored cabin




Now, the Us Army has testing FMTV A2 family (expected 2022).



The "old" M818 Lomac / FC truck on DCS World.


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I noticed this also. Wanting to make myself some particular liveries, I was looking for the m-818 model in DCS and couldn't find the actual truck. But, I found a livery folder for m818 and .lua description files pointing to a vehicle that isn't in the install. Everything led back to confusing the m939 straight truck version for the 818 tractor version. Would definitely like to have an 818 and a trailer for it though.


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