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CM3 Throttle, Detents

Double Dutch

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I followed the instructions via Youtube of Jon's gaming and tech. And I  have my throttle set up as follows for the F/A-18C:

before the first detent off

over the first detent idle (70% power)

between 1st and 2 detent 70-99% power

over the second detent Afterburner


I am new to the game and my gut feeling is that 70% seems a bit high for idle. on the other hand, the full throw is only 29% and allows me to micromanage my speed very well.  Do you guys have a similar power distribution?


Thanks for your input.



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NATOPS F18C manual says ground idle is between 61%-72% N2. Mine sets at 65% with zero throttle and no detents. Sounds like you are on the high end. 

to me the mil power/afterburner transition is the critical one and that can be easily set with a detent. For me, idle cut off is not a big deal so I just configure a couple buttons for that saving some throttle range. 

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