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Real life verbal communication before/after take-off on shore-base

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Hello. Not sure where to post this.


Busy with constructing (in English) an "audio dialog sketch/shore-based" associated with the naval fighter plane F/A-18C Hornet.


In a scenario where a fighter pilot arrives at his plane, does an outside physical inspection check, climbs into his cockpit, go through pre-flight procedures, get go-ahead from flight captain, get clearance from ATC before rolling to take-off runway, then take-off…..anyone know what actual verbal dialog (in real life) might take place at a shore-based airfield between crew chief, flight captain, pilot and ATC?


Of importance would be correct personnel designation, operational brevity words and military procedure/custom.


Any ex-service personnel that can also help (Thank you for your service.)?


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When I was a plane captain the verbal exchange was quick hello sir how are you. After that it was your fuel load is XX.XK pounds, all your pins and their ball bearings are accounted for (while showing the pilot the pins), and the ducts have been dived. If he didn't have any other questions I would stow the pins in the pin bag and start closing the open av bay doors. Once aircrews walk around is done I would be standing by ladder to stow it after they got in. After that take position on stbd side to do the launch. If no problems happen during the launch their isn't anything verbally spoken from getting in cockpit to taxing out. 

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