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SU-37MR, the great redfor hope?


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The SU-37 was arguably the most famous individual flanker ever built and one of the most famous single aircraft of the late 90s and early 2000s. Before however it was a famous thrust vectoring and technology test bed it was actually a highly modified SU-27m build for a UAE fighter tender. The cockpit avionics to fulfill a UAE requirement are mostly French with the MFDs and hud made by Sextant (I think the hud is from the mirage 2000). Sextant is Thales now, I don’t know how willing they would be to help compared to say Dassault. Khai in the Ukraine built the subscale test models used to validate the aerodynamic design of the Su-27m, they may have documentation and really have no reason to classify it. Radar is the N011m bars. Bars is reaching the end of its service life in India and should be replaced soon, giving some small possibility of documentation being declassified. India also may have operated the earlier MSA N011 With aircraft of the no 24 squadron, either with the SU-30s sold to Angola or early MKIs. if we some how got su-27m cockpit information  that could be useful. Long shot but fun to think about.





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