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AI Bombing Question


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I know there have been many questions about this but I used to be able to get my bomber groups to bomb a target with a little coaxing, but now the AI seems to be all over the place. I created a mission with 3 bomb groups of 4 planes each, B1B x 2 and F117 x 1, 12 planes in all. Their IP waypoint is approx 10 miles from the targets and 8000ft.


As soon as they reached their specific targets, they turned around and came home. I was wondering if the groups should be just 2 planes instead of 4. I have given them as many commands as necessary but with no luck. If anyone can shed some light on this, it would not only help me but many others. Anything with triggers that could help also.


It's such an integral part of mission building to give so much atmosphere. I am now testing with varying numbers of planes and formations, and if I get some good results, I will write up my findings.




Update : I found that I can use 4 plane groups but possibly more. Make sure at least 4 or 5 miles distance between targets and 10 miles from IP. With big bombers, I set formation to Trail and close 0 - 1389. I tried 4 groups of 4 to hit 4 targets and it worked a treat.

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