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More focus on pilot-body inside the cockpit?


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Will there be any more focus on the pilot-body inside cockpit onwards? As more and more users get VR, it seems like an immersion killer to simply have an empty pit. Are there any plans for making those more or less standard from now on? Even the old model from BS2 is better than nothing. This goes for both ED-modules and 3rd party ones. Would be nice to hear from you (ED) on that.



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2 hours ago, zerO_crash said:

@BIGNEWY  any plans about this?

They have. They've repeatedly commented that eventually most of their modules will get a pilot body. Unfortunately for us, it just seems to be very low down on the priority list 😞


Bear in mind, that surely most DCS players don't use VR and for them the lack of a pilot body is probably less of an issue. Maybe because they usually use a more wide screen, while in VR you have a rather extreme vertical fov.

And even among the VR users, there are many that never use the pilot body. (I know @BIGNEWYhimself once wrote here that he barely has the pilot body on).



I really hope I'm wrong here, but I'm afraid that the pilot body will be one of the last features to be added to current modules (Viper, A-10C II, BS, to name a few).

If the Hind EA release has a pilot body, I'd be extremely positively surprised, but I think we all know the answer... Patience is a virtue 😉



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