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A-10C II GAU-8 tracer ammo


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The the logic behind a tracer round is to trace the bullet flight path and make necessary ballistic corrections for drift & drop over range to target. 
As much as tracers might be an awesome sight to see, especially at night, I can't see it's practical application in a real war zone with an A-10C GAU. 
a) ground impact is pretty visible; day or night regardless of the rounds fired.
b) HUD visual 'cueing' tells me the range and impact area.
b) it's not like you can 'swing the barrel' XX° degrees like an M249, .50-M2HB0 or even the GAU on a AC-130; you'd need to steer the whole plane.
c) the visual effect would probably be a detriment to the pilot's vision, especially at night, leaving him/her with temporary blind spots...at 300kts heading downhill !!!! Even a 'subdued tracer'; one that delays burn for a hundred or more yards downrange, combined with gun barrel exhaust would create a visual impairment. 

The only benefit I can see is the tracers use to 'mark the target' for other friendlies, whether air or ground forces. Oh, and the obvious self-induced 'chubby' from watching the spectacle. :clap::clap_2::clap::clap_2:

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