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ACM issues


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Hey there, 


Few post mention ACM issues in any acm modes as "reported" 


now that Stable is updated as same version as OB, are these bugs fixed or were they just imported to stable? 

a Quick fix in the pipe anytime soon? 



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Rig: MB Gigabite z390UD, CPU Intel I7 8700k, RAM 32G DDR4 3200 Gskill ripjaws, GPU MSI RTX2080SuperOC, HDD Crucial mx500 1tb M2 sata, PSU Corsair 850W, watercooling Corsair h100,


Controlers TM f/a 18 stick on Virpil warbrd base, TM cougar f16 stick on cougar base, Cougar F16 throttle on TUSBA, ch pedals, TM cougar MFD


27" monitor with trk IR 5 and HP Reverb HMD.



Modules F18, F16, F86, Mig15, FW 190D9, Nellis range map, Aggr campaign, Middle East map

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Yes it has been reported to be briken since the first 2.7 beta but instead of patching it or rolling back to a working state ED decided to push the bug to the release.


They will probably try to adress it in 2-3 months once enough things have piled up on top of it...


Is porting bugs reported on a beta program to the stable branch the new standard of software development?

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