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Kind of surprised they promoted current version to STABLE


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Stable is as it sounds, it is meant to be a stable game, without crashes and such issues that would stop you from playing the game. Bugs associated with Early Access are not grounds for stopping the update of Stable, they do not make the game unstable, and EA products should be expected to not be bug free during development. The best way to avoid this is to not partake in Early Access and wait for full release. 


While even this does not mean that DCS World is 100% bug free, we feel that 99% of the bugs outside of EA do not have a significant impact on the enjoyment of the sim, and while they are still a priority to fix, time is needed for everything.


So to be Clear:

Open Beta: Risks of crashes and major game stopping issues, even on a core level or on a module level
Early Access: risk of bugs and incomplete or missing features, unforeseen issues are always possible

Stable: a more "stable" version of the core and all modules, some bugs may be present, but as a sandbox type game, development and bugs from growth will always haunt us to some extent, but this should be the most playable version.



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