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Flickering canopy texture

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This occurs whenever there is a blinking light in the cockpit such as SORC or RWR. The canopy texture flickers between one with blue reflection and strange text on the front and one without the blue reflection and text. See screenshots attached. This also occurs in clear weather I just happened to have a mission with rain.



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interesting....Is this stable or openBeta?




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It looks like it's swapping between two texture sets, one with a baked-in blue reflection along the canopy rails and no serial number on the windscreen, and one with no reflection, but a serial number on the windscreen. I've seen the same flicker between them before but never figured out what was causing it, and to be honest haven't noticed if I still get it. I'll have to keep an eye open for it.


Are you/were you at some point using a clean canopy mod? I almost wonder if that might be the cause, I used one for a while before the cockpit update.

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