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My VR performance with an Oculus Rift S is pretty decent, but every 30 seconds or so the client freezes for 3 ish seconds


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As the title says, most of the time running at the cap 80 FPS of the Rift S, but then these random freezes happen and when flying close to the ground it feels like an eternity. I have downgraded my preload radius from max to half without gaining any improvement. These freezes dont happen when playing in 2D. Running DCS latest openbeta standalone version.





32gb ram 2933hz

i7 7700k 4.8hz

RTX 3080

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try adding     disable_write_track = true     into you autoexe.cfg file in your saved games folder and inside the Config folder.   I had a hard stutter every 4 seconds constantly regardless if I was High or low level or rolling constantly.   I believe it disables the recording of the tracks.  worked for me after a year of trying to figure it out.  Or you can use the file i have loaded on to this.  Use Notepad++ to change if you want to take everything else out but the  disable_write_track = true


AMD 2950X TR


RTX 3090


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On Quest 2 one of the reasons this may occur is due to Guardian, erasing saved Guardian and doing it again sometimes solved it but i dont know how it works on Rift S

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