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Flaming cliff 2 serial number

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I bought lock on some time ago,

the first version from ubisoft. Very fun and easy to use version.

I wanted to buy flaming cliffs 2, but I couldn't find it.

I searched a lot but without results.

On the other hand I have the official software obtained on the site


But after installation he asks me for a serial number and there is THE PROBLEM.

Can someone send me a serialnumber.

No one has simulator support anymore.

thank you in advance


I live in Switzerland.

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Because no one has one . As you said , the software is unsupported . Are you aware that DCS World is a free download , with two free maps and two free aircraft ? 

If your computer is incapable of running DCS , or if you simply prefer to run FC2 , you can try emailing 


I have no idea if they can help or not , but it is worth a try .

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It's an unsupported product since you can have DCS for free nowadays. FC3 is still available for purchase featuring a way better MiG-29 than that you're using now but still with the same simplified avionics, and really cheap on sales (every now and again). There's no point in supporting such an old piece of software.



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