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AI Aircraft from carrier pull crazy alpha now after take off.

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Since patch, AI after catapult from supercarrier will pull huge amounts of alpha on take off.   So much so that a heavy hornet will crash into the sea every time.   F 14b will also pull huge alpha but has the power to manage to not crash.


I jumped into a hornet with a heavier weight than the AI and can take off of the carrier just fine, while the AI next to me just noses up and slowly sinks until it hits the water.


Version  Update 21.07.2021


Only tested with Super carrier, hornets and F-14b

Crazy alpha 1.jpg

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Yea I'm getting the same problem. Mission I created was perfectly fine before the patch, I have about 27 knots over the deck, I can take off fine but the AI pulls huge alpha and heavy 3 bag hornets crash into the ocean :S

I hope they work out a fix for this soon

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