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Did either the WWII Assets Pack, or Combined Arms get a recent update?

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I didn't notice anything myself, but the linked video that I just watched seems to suggest that at least the CA was recently updated. Will have to try it when I return from my travels. I am pretty sure most of the vehicles he tries have been drive able for a while now, but I have to say that the DCS ground war is not that far off from being an exciting part of the DCS world experience. A few more refinements to the AI infantry and drive able vehicles would really put DCS World ground war on the map. Speaking of maps, both the Normandy and Channel maps would make for really great tank vs tank battles. Add some capable AI infantry in the mix and we're in business.


The linked videos below show an update to the WWII Assets pack from about 4 years ago. I am hoping with the new Marianas map now out and the planned updates coming to the Normandy map that it will inspire ED to bring more updates to the WWII Assets/CA.







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