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Aircraft roll and pitch seem excessive.


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Since a recent patch, the aircraft seems considerably more maneuvrable, and lacks the weight or Inertia it previously did.Its a well documented feature of the real aircraft that the faster it goes, seeminglythe harder it is to turn, but in turn and roll, it seems to lack inertia. This also seems to be noticeable in pitch, as its now possible to do an over the shoulder loop, which was seemingly impossible before. Also, roll at high speed seems like a figher aircraft.


There is also a feature of the hind that when you reach a certain bank, it wants to keep going, as noticed in this online account. This feature is also missing.



When turning off the pitch and roll stab, the controls seem slightly heavier, but not as much as before.

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I will need to ask the team about the flight model, I have not noticed any issues personally. 

The overspeed characteristics is present in our HIND which is a Mi-24P and not the export version featured n the article mentioned.


Please include short track replays showing your observations




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It is a bit more twitchy, both in pitch and roll. Just a bit.

There are definite changes to FM regarding autorotations. Before latest patch, when you go down to about 100 kph it would just drop, collective could be used only to cushion the impact. Now, you can actually modulate your arrival.

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Ok, I uploaded it to my dropbox account, I hope you dont mind. It was 8.5 megs and wouldnt fit in your file limit.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/uru5tvgvmd0qzfz/Hind track.trk?dl=0


I do several victory rolls. I notice they seem easier to do when the stab was on, the airframe seems much slower to roll when the stab is off for some reason. I  also attempted to do a loop. Its not particularly successful, althought the aircraft does go inverted and recover fairly easily. Im annoyed, my over the shoulder one I did the other day and did not record was much better. 🙂 On at least one occasion when I did this, there was a tail boom strike and the boom detached, although it does seem to be very patchy. Once it does, usually it does not.


Re P vs the HindD,  particularly export, but ive read nothing that suggests that in manoeuvrablity there should be any difference. The V and P have more power than the D and that should be about it. Indeed, if the wings didnt cause any maneuvarablity  or hover problems in Soviet or Russian service, it seems odd in the later variants they trimmed them.


Basically, the aircraft seems far more manoeuvrable, almost like a Mil 8, than it was on initial release. IMHO,  it doesnt seem to have the intertia that it once had which seemed fitting for an aircraft of its size and weight. It seems much more nimble. If it can indeed do this in real life then fair enough, but it doesnt seem to quite fit with written accounts.


I hope some of this helps. All the best to the team, ive utmost respect on what they are trying to do here and no disrespect intended.





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