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[FIXED] HUD玻璃反射 || weird reflection on the HUD


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      问题出现在2.7更新过后,hud玻璃反射变得很明显,观感比较奇怪,也影响日常的驾驶体验。   而且按理说从上方看玻璃应该对应反射ufcp上部的倒影,但是却能从hud玻璃根部直接看到摇杆(注意那个红色的发射键),不过这可能是另外的问题。


      The problem happened after the 2.7 update, the reflection effect in the HUD become really obvious, which looks quite strange. and that reflection do  have a negative impact on game play.

      Looking at the glass from above should correspond to the reflection of the upper part of the UFCP, but you can directly see the joystick from the bottom of the HUD glass (notice the red launch button), but this may be another problem.







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