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Roadmap for the A-10C II


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Since the Viper got a roadmap showing the future plans for the module, I would love to get such a roadmap for our beloved Hog, too. I am very happy with the upgrade to the A-10C II, but since the release, it got quite silent. We know we'll get the AN/ARC-210 radio. Is anything planned beyond that? There are frequent requests for features like Data Card, TAD/HMCS/TGP symbology, Pilot Body, improved NVGs in VR, Right/Left click consistency, ... Again I am very happy with the status of the A-10C II and so thankful for that great update. I would be very willing to pay for another update to the get an A-10C III. Whatever the future will be, some expectation management at this point would be great.

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We're still waiting patiently @NineLine :smile:

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DCS Panavia Tornado (IDS) really needs to be a thing!


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On 4/21/2022 at 4:58 PM, jasonbirder said:

Surely the A10C II roadmap is as follows....

Don't worry paying customer here's <insert shiny early access module du jour> instead...

(Repeat as necessary)

Appears to be the case but I’m sure we’ll eventually get the same post we’ve gotten for over a year…

”when the programmer has time they’ll get back to the A-10C v2” ignoring it was released over 1.5 years ago with little updates or bug fixes and zero additions of promised features such as the ARC-210 or long 184.

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This module is the bread and butter of DCS,  Has by far the best immersive training campaigns in dcs for it, and in my opinion the Hog in dcs is the best simulated airframe in dcs.  Fast jets are cool and all, but lets please get some time to devs for this Module.  Comm's is a great thing...

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