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Persian Pushback - Integrated Warfare (multi-module, multi player)

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Integrated Warfare: Persian Pushback

Current version: 20220917

Download: Click Here


IW: Pushback Caucasus: please see here 

Discussion: Please add your comments below in this thread


IW: Persia is a single/multi-player dynamic mission where you fly multiple plane *types* in support of an AI-controlled ground attack that tries to capture a string of strategic locations. Ground forces deploy and spawn dynamically, based on rules that are influenced by the current tactical situation. A successful 2-player mission usually requires that at least one (usually more) of the players fly two or more different airframes (rotor- and/or fixed-wing) before the mission is a success.

A fast 2 player (win) takes some 80 minutes. Average play-through (win) is about 100 minutes with 2 players. Unchecked, RED AI overruns BLUE in some 90 minutes.


  • Persia Map (Straight of Hormuz)
  • At least two of the recommended modules (see below)

Number of recommended players: 2-4. 
You currently play as BLUEFORCE only. A single-player win may just be possible, provided that you can fly the required modules (a troop helicopter, a fighter and ground attack plane) well enough, and that you can devise a strategy that responds best to the tactical challenge. I deem winning the scenario alone and with Pilot Pool Limit enabled impossible. Four players can win the scenario comfortably in 60 minutes.  

A different approach to missions:
This is the second mission in my 'integrated warfare' series. It works different from classic missions you may have flown: Here you represent multiple pilots flying multiple aircraft and you are expected to change airframes while the scenario is running. What drives the mission and decides the outcome depends as much on which and when you choose an aircraft, as it depends on how well you can fly that aircraft - with the caveat that both must be good in order to win.

To manage complexity, this scenario emphasizes accessibility/playability over adherence to real-world mission procedures and profiles, also, the active area is tiny, bordering on claustrophobic.

Key to winning this scenario is to respond to the tactical situation and choose the right airframe at the right time to support the ground push where and when it matters. 

Modules recommended to win  
In order to have a good chance of winning this scenario, your group members should have access to at least one module named in each of the following categories: 

  • Huey, Hip or Hind for troop transport and CSAR (optional)
  • F-15, FA-18 or F-16 for CAP
  • FA-18 or F-16 (or Ka-50 if your are good) for SEAD
  • A-10A or A-10C II, AV-8B, Su-25, Su-25T, Ka-50, AH-64, SA-342 or Hind for CAS

A minimal good aircraft mix consists of:
Huey, A-10 (any), F/A-18 (as long as all types are covered between the players)

Absolute minimum (very difficult):
A-10 (any) or Su-25 (any), F-16 or FA-18

You can win this mission without a Troop Helicopter, but lose the ability to quickly take named locations, deploy lasing troops nor will you be able to recover ejected pilots to replenish your ranks.

On the map, marked out on the F-10 Map view, there are eleven (11) Named Locations: Caravanserai, Sandflows, Ruins, Roundhill, Lost Echo, Tentpole, Cul-de-sac, Townsquare, Stone's Throw, Five Fingers, and Whitewalls. In order to win, BLUEFORCE must capture all locations, while Redforce AI is trying to do the same.

 At the beginning of the scenario, Blue and Red each occupy one Named Location, the one closest to their respective airfield/FARP.




Tactical Overview
The F10 map always shows the current tactical situation. Strategic (Named) locations are shown and are colored by their owner (red/blue/neutral). You can enable names to better familiarize yourself with the locations.

Fog of War is in effect, so enemy units appear only when they are visible to friendly units.
Your Task
You are tasked with supporting the AI-led ground offensive to capture all eleven named locations. You are the only blue aircraft in the arena, so choose wisely which air frame to occupy at which time. You are expected to change airframes multiple times, and in accordance with the situation and airframe change rules (see 'Changing Airframes' in the section about limited amount of pilots, below). You can start by trying to rapidly expand operations by using helicopters to airlift troops to unoccupied zones - but beware of enemy aircraft and SAM. You can start with asserting air superiority with your fighters - but may then lose the ground war while doing so. Note that during the last stage, transporting troops can become a convenient (and risky) way to quickly win the scenario. 

Capturing Named Locations 
To capture a named location, your troops must be the only coalition troops inside the circle marked on the map (note: for clearer visual identification, each named location has a neutral watchtower placed in the middle). Only ground forces can capture a location. Airlifted infantry can capture named locations and they do not have to remain on-location until they are relieved by other troops. Just remember that it only takes one second for an un-occupied location to be captured by the opposition should they be able to place their troops inside the circle.

Production of ground troops
A captured location produces ground troops. This is fully automated and does not require any player interaction. Once a Location has been captured, it first produces defending units. Once defenders have been produced, attacking units are produced. Attacking units automatically head for the closest not-owned named location.

Special Production Rules:
When a location's defensive units are destroyed, that location produces new defensive units before it produces attackers. Keep this in mind when planning your attack and while softening up a location: defensive units will always re-deploy before attacking units are produced. 

Airlifting Troops (Infantry), Lasing
Airlifted troops can be used to capture Named Locations, and some can lase targets. The Hip, Huey and Hind can pick up, transport and place infantry anywhere on the map. For this, use Communication -> "F-10 Other..." -> "Airlift Troops" (only available in helicopters that can transport troops). 
At blue's FARP the AI produces teams of ground troops: "Marines" (a four-member rifle squad with laser target designator), "GSG" and "Assault" (a mixed rifle, machine gun, Stinger and RPG team). These troops can be picked up and then deployed anywhere. After you pick up a team from your FARP, the AI produces a new one. After you deploy a team from your helicopter, it can be picked up again by any troop transport capable helicopter that lands close enough.

Assault / Marines (Lasing)
Assault/GSG troops will automatically seek out and attack enemy troops that get in range; their best use, however, is to capture and guard the access to Named Locations, or provide air defense on hilltops. Marines will not move except to defend, and are permanently on the look-out for enemy ground vehicles to laser-designate. Line-of-sight is required for lasing, so place them on elevated ground for maximum effect. They report and designate targets; you can request a report from Communication -> "F-10 Other..." -> "JTAC Lasing Report", which will give you the position of all currently deployed JTAC designator teams, as well as range and bearing to their lased targets (i.e. they vector you to their lased target). 

All laser designators currently use 1688 as code; all lasing is automated. For simplicity, IW: Persia does not follow the JTAC nine-line protocol; the AI simply lazes targets that it wants pilots to destroy, and your laser munitions simply pick up the designator.

To deploy troops you are transporting, you must land your helicopter and command your troops to deploy (or load into your helicopter). A preference controlled in the F-10 menu allows you to auto-deploy troops on landing, and auto-load the nearest troops in range on landing.

Once deployed, any infantry group can be picked up again by landing close to it.

Losing Pilots, Changing Airframes & CSAR
Optional (default: ON) rules are in effect to strengthen the importance of Helicopters: Pilot Pool and automatic CSAR (Combat Search And Rescue). There is a limit on the number of pilots your side can lose (NOTE: does not apply to REDFORCE/AI). This limit is currently set at 6 (six). If your side loses all their pilots, you lose the engagement.
Losing a Pilot
You lose a pilot whenever one of the following happens:

  • you are killed
  • you crash your airplane/helicopter and die inside it
  • you eject (this pilot can be rescued, see below)
  • you ditch your airplane/helicopter (i.e. switch to another plane) while not landed on your own airfield, FARP or carrier (this pilot can be rescued, see below)

Changing Airframes without Pilot Loss
You WON'T lose a pilot when you switch your airplane/helicopter while landed on your airfield, FARP or carrier. 

'Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing' applies: while landed on your airfield, FARP or carrier, the condition ("health") of that plane/helicopter is irrelevant, as long as you (the pilot) are alive and you are still inside the cockpit. So even if all that remains of your plane is twisted smoking wreckage, you can change into a brand-spanking new one without losing a pilot. If you, on the other hand, eject during landing or take-off, that pilot is lost (but can be rescued with a CSAR, see below).

CSAR Missions: Rescuing Pilots to replenish Pilot Pool
Whenever you safely eject from or ditch your aircraft, a CSAR (Combat Search And Rescue) mission is created for that pilot. Any player then can fly a troop transport helicopter (Huey, Hind or Hip) and try to rescue the downed pilot. They then bring the rescued crew back to a friendly drop-off zone (airfield, carrier, or FARP). Successfully rescuing a downed pilot replenishes the pilot pool

Note that not all ejections are safe:

  • ejecting over water will kill the pilot outright
  • pilots may touch down in difficult terrain and require a hover rescue (much more difficult than a landing)

 To rescue a downed pilot, use their ELT signal to home in on their location. The CSAR Report, available under Communication --> F10-Other..., lists all currently downed pilots and the frequencies of their ELT. 

Once you are close enough to the downed pilot, land to automatically pick up the pilot. If you can't land due to inaccessible terrain, hover directly over the evacuee, and your crew attempts a winch rescue. This requires that you hover in range for approximately 20 seconds. You'll see a count-down come up. Once it reaches zero, the evacuee is safely hooked and is winced aboard. 

Once the downed pilot is securely on board, return and land the helicopter on your Carrier, Airfield or FARP. As soon as you land, you will be credited with the number of pilots you rescued (i.e. they will be added to your pool of available pilots)

Note that CSAR Missions are dangerous due to their potentially high reward, and the helicopter skills required. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before embarking on one. Be advised that  

  • Pilots can (and usually will) be killed quickly if they are spotted by enemy troops. 
  • When under fire, pilots may advise you that the LZ is hot

It is possible (and risky) to pick up multiple pilots on a single flight
To maximize survivability for your pilots, make sure that you start your CSAR soon.

Additional Notes
If you are shot down during CSAR, and manage to survive the landing (or ditch the helicopter) while carrying rescued crew, any rescued personnel plus your helicopter pilot will again be available as CSAR missions.

What happens when I run out of pilots?
From the scenario's perspective, you have lost, and a message to that effect will appear to everyone. You can continue playing, and every time you enter a new plane, you will get an unmistakable notice that the scenario thinks you are cheating. But that's all, so you can continue to practice. 

Enabling / Disabling Pilot Pool Limit
Pilot limits is a difficulty setting. Default is ENABLED. You can enable / disable it any time using the "F10 Other" menu. Whenever you change that setting, all players receive an explicit notice to the new status. Re-enabling it will not reset your side's pilot count, but simply continue from the point when you disabled it

Simplified Rules in Effect:

  • There are no restrictions on weapons and fuel that can be ordered at player airfields/FARP.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of planes available for player re-spawning
  • All air units spawn hot at parking
  • All ground troop purchase/production and tasking is handled by AI
  • Easy communications are enabled
  • Currently, and for balance, all named locations produce the same troops (attackers) for their side
  • JTACs laze targets at their discretion, and provide highly accurate vectoring information to any calling station
  • CSAR Missions dynamically provide bearing and range in addition to ADF 

Modules supported

  • F/A-18 (default loadout: SEAD / CAP + Laser CAS) - Carrier Based
  • F-16 (default loadout: SEAD + CAP)
  • F-15 (default loadout: CAP)
  • F-14B (default loadout: Fighter Sweep) - Carrier based
  • A-10A (default loadout: CAS)
  • A-10C II (default loadout: CAS)
  • Su-25 (default loadout: CAS)
  • Su-25T (default loadout CAS)
  • AV-8B (default loadout: CAS IR Mav + CAS Laser Mav) - FARP Based
  • SA-342 (default loadout: HOTx4)  - FARP Based
  • UH-1 (default loadout: gunship)  - FARP and Airfield
  • Ka-50 (default loadout: CAS)  - FARP Based
  • Mi-8 (default loadout: CAS)  - FARP Based
  • AH-64 (default loadout: CAS) - FARP-Based
  • Mi-24 (default loadout: CAS) - FARP Based




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New Version: 1.2.4 (please use download link in OP)


Changes to version 1.2.4:

  • Overhaul of the ground AI for better performance, including improved pathing, and unit deadlock removal
  • Overwhelming a Named Location is now possible to force a capture (attempted automatically by AI)
  • DCS-created parachutists are removed to avoid confusion with CSAR mission objectives
  • You now can query the number of pilots your sides has left via F10-Other...
  • Primitive scoring / kill record - available via F10-Other...
  • Tweaked some default load-outs



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New Version: 1.2.91 (please use download link in OP) - 20211023

Changes to version 1.2.91:

  • CSAR: loading/unloading evacuees changes internal weight
  • Added Su-25 and Su-25T in CAS configuration
  • Changed default A-10A load-out to include CBU 
  • Bug fixes, included newest libraries
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New Version: 20220917

Major Update


  • Moved back to ED's User Files
  • Ability so save mission and resume later (requires de-sanitized DCS)
  • Updated to most recent DML foundation
  • Massively ramped up difficulty, added (un)welcome surprises
  • Player scoring now includes Achievements such as successful CSAR, combat drops into active enemy zones
  • Added more player modules
  • Main Airfield now has 2 Hueys and GSG combat troops available
  • Single-use aircraft: slots blocked when aircraft destroyed (requires @Ciribob Simple Slot Block)
  • Added Splash Damage 2.0 by @Grimm




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