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RWS Tracks Lifetime


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Haven't been flying Viper for ~1 month.

Before current patch RWS track ghost used to have lifetime of at least 1-2 full cycles, making a ghosty trail of detected aircraft. Right now track ghost dissapears after next bar scan (giving it 1/4 of the old lifetime), making it really hard to quickly lock spotted target before next cycle, have coursor preplased over the target.


Is it a bug or feature? If it's feature, how do you change track ghost lifetime?

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2 hours ago, Florence201 said:

Check what you have set in the FCR CTL page for History 

If it is TGT HIS, it was set to 1. Changed to 4 and seems like it solved the issue somewhat. Still track ghosts are inconsistant, just got ghosts between 1st detection and actual to dissapear. Gonna provide flight track ASAP

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My understanding is that one "frame" of radar scan is all bars (4 in video above). It seems as if DCS is treating each bar as a full scan for target history purposes. So targets are aging up to 4x faster than normal.


E.g. TGT HIST setting 4 would age a contact one level after the antenna goes left-right-left-right at its four elevations. This means that it would take the antenna traversing 16 time to fully age out a contact.


E.g. it would be normal for a non-maneuvering target like an air liner which is only detected on one of the four bars to produce a rolling trail of all four contact ages even though it was not detected on 75% of the traverses.

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  • ED Team

Reported to the team they will have a look at the current behaviour. 



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