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Make the Petrovich cursor (as seen from the pilot) customizable


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It would be really nice if the following would be added at the discretion of the pilot (special options):


- Make the opacity adjustable, having it 100% visible obstructs a part of the view.

- Make the size adjustable, currently, in VR especially, it takes up quite a big spot in the center of the screen. Way too big for my taste.

- Give the ability to chose elements displayed (bearing, elevation, etc...). Right now it looks like a helmet from F-18/F-16. It's too informative.


I would have an indirect request for the autonomy of Petrovitch (it's not worth it's own thread). Currently, you can give him commands as to arming of the weapons, and looking at a specific point. What I am missing, is the option to tell Petrovitch not to focus on the ground, but rather to have him keep the sight at bore, and ready to engage. Right now, pop-up attacks take longer time than they could and should. Whereas IRL, the operator could have his sight ready and bore, only waiting to either spot, or receive info on where to look and engage.


Otherwise, splendid work ED, you really outdid yourself! 😎

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