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Issues w/ Combat Mission Dawn Raiders


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I'm fairly new to DCS and I'm trying my first combat mission, Dawn Raiders (Persian Golf). I'm having a few issues and would love some newbie help.


  1. My Walleyes don't hit the targets. I select waypoint 3, select WPDSG to designate that as a target. In past attempts at this mission I was able to get a countdown to weapon release, but now that's not happening. But even when I had the countdown, it seemed to just drop fairly steep down and not hit anywhere near the target.

  2. Even though I have selected the left DDI with my SCS, I'm not able to slew with my TDC, even after uncaging and even if I hold it clicked while I try to slew.

Here is a screenshot showing no countdown on the HUD but you can see the target in the distance.


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hi Kirkbauer, 


Make sure when you use datalink, need to select the correct station number (where  the walleye is loaded), after walleye is released, use TDC depress plus TDC directions to control the weapon’s TV camera view, the weapon’s TV will attempt to lock on a solid target around the camera’s center.



1. Try not over-control the camera view, but smoothly adjust it.  

2. If the target is not easily distinguishable on your datalink display, use contrast knob of the DDI to adjust its contrast for a better view.


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