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Can I have a refund if I purchased the Hawk prior to 1st October 2018?

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its taken a long time to decide you want a refund

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On 8/10/2021 at 8:55 PM, carss said:

I wasn't aware of the refund process until very recently hence I asked

You have to contact support directly by raising a ticket in order to request a refund

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With the amount of interest the Hawk drew in the past, its hard to believe that no one else has taken on the project; be it asking for the VEAO version or starting afresh.

What with the Reds, the Saudi Hawks and the Midnight Hawks display teams, along with the T2 version there's bound to be a worldwide interest in it.

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5 hours ago, Symie said:

 … be it asking for the VEAO version or starting afresh.

You're a bit late to the party. It was asked by ED to take over the project so they could honour the buyers finishing the product VEAO were unable to. They refused anyone taking over their project.

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I dont want a refund! I dont want ED to make the same mistake again thats all



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They won't, they changed the rules as a result of the Hawk fiasco. Now the devs are contractually obliged to provide the source to ED, they can't refuse like VEAO did. If anyone else jumps ship, ED will be able to continue to at least keep the module working.

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