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More SAMs Old and New


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I am putting in a request for more SAM systems, both old and new. Systems such as;


Bristol Thunderbird (apart from anything else, the name alone)

Bristol Bloodhound

Nike Hercules


Rapier FSC (FSA is already in)

HVM II (Starstreak)









These will both increase options for campaign/mission making and provide interesting assortments to play against, especially in the early SAM eras

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I'm waiting for the Integrated Air Defense module 3rd party is developing for the DCS and what it will bring in terms of SAM fidelity.

Simpler Cold War systems you mentioned would not be particularly hard to model in a quite realistic way and they would be very useful in DCS. But some more modern are classified and i'm afraid what we would have would be only a very simplified guestimated system.



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I would certainly like to see some Cold War MANPADs.


Especially the Strela-2/Strela-2M which was/is incredibly prolific.

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