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Search Radar AI (1st group) stops reporting hostile aircraft position on F10 map, when SAM group (2nd group) is put into GREEN state.

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Place two groups. First group consists of a a single unit of ST68U “Tin Shield”, used as an EWR radar. Second group is made out of any sort of fully operational SAM (SA-10 used in track), meaning launchers, C2 vehicles, search and track radars.

What will happen is, if you have both groups in RED state, tracking the target aircraft and you put the SAM group to GREEN, to stop it from emitting, the target aircraft will drop out for between 30 seconds up to 2 minutes, even tho the first group, which consisted of the Tin Shield radar has not stopped emitting.

If you operate each group separately, this behavior is not observed and both groups work as intended.

What you will see in the track is:
1) On mission start I place both groups to Green.
2) I put Tin Shield Radar group to Red. Check that contact appears. 
3)Change Tin Shield state from Red to Green. Contact disappears. (Basically checking that the group works as intended by its self).
4)Repeat same actions for SA-10 group. While the Tin Shield is off, turn the SA-10 to Red. Check that contact appears.
5)Return SA-10 to Green state. Contact disappears, as there is no radar on, to provide picture.
6)Turn on both groups' states to Red, first on the Tin Shield and then on the SA-10. Both radar groups are now emitting. Check that contact appears.
7)Have positive contact with target. Now switch off SA-10 group to GREEN, while Tin Shield group is still on Red and emitting.
8)What is observed is that the contact is lost for about 1 minute and 50 seconds, although the Tin Shield radar has not been interrupted and has been working all this time.

This basically makes it useless, when trying to human control an IADS network. You cannot use your EWR/SR to spot targets, without exposing your SAM.

I have not tested this with the 1L13 and 55G6, but I have observed the same behavior when using the Sborka "Dog Ear" radar combined with SAMs such as SA-3 and SA-6.

It would be nice if the developers could check all these interactions between the different radars.

Search Radar NO SPOT2.trk

I've placed this in the AI section, as I believe it has more to do with the AI and you can change group states using triggers, instead of CA.

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