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Constant beeping in operator seat

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I'm not sure this is a bug hence me posting in the general forum ..


I hopped into the front seat of my buddy's Hind.  There's a constant beeping that I simply cannot trace.  It stops sometimes, but mostly it's on, and constant.  And annoying!


It's not the sight align/launch tone, which is slightly lower in pitch.  Also, by buddy confirms that the RWR is off, so I don't think it's that.


Any advice on what this could be would be appreciated.


Not sure if relevant but the chopper was up and running when I hopped in.

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I've had this happen when the Copilot/Operator jump into an already started helicopter, there's a desync with the state of the RWR sound switch. If the Operator seat is occupied before the aircraft is started up, then it's synchronized properly, but the game assumes the RWR is on and the RWR audio switch is on if you occupy the seat in a hot aircraft.

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