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Losing radar lock immediately after jettisoning fuel tanks (F-16c)

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After installing the most recent patch, radar lock (RWS/TWS lock) is dropped immediately after I jettison my fuel tanks. The radar drop occurs both before and after launching an AIM-120C. I am unsure if this is a function of the sim or a problem with the multiplayer servers in which I experienced the issue. It is important to note that I have the emergency stores jettison button mapped to my hotas and was carrying only two external fuel tanks (and then jettisoning them both) each time I experienced this problem. Can someone please validate if this a bug or inform me if there is something which I need to do setting wise to remedy the issue. I apologize for posting under FC3, but the forum wouldn't allow me to post under the F-16 for some reason. Thanks in advance.

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