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OverClocked Entire PC and have good results in VR now with DCS Settings..


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Hey Everybody,


Like you I have been tweaking DCS for ages and countless hours. Well after all this time I think I reached Nirvana. I think with the Overclocking I been doing too all my PC components have helped, I even think enabling Hyperthread has even helped in my case. here are my PC SPecs:


1. Intel i7 10700K @ 5.0GHZ Noctua DS14 Cooler.

2. AsRock Z590 Phantom 4 AC motherboard.

3. G.Skill Trident RAM @3700 1.5v  32GB

4. Asus 1080 GTX @ 2100 mhz core, +550 Memory. 8GB Vram.

5. Oculus Rift S @ 1648x1776.

6. SoundBlaster Z Soundcard.


Now at first I did not OC the GPU or the RAM except the XMP Profile. with the XMP Profile I was able to get the RAM to 3400 now I just OC it too 3700 tonight and going to try for more, but I am probally near its max. The GPU I recently Repasted it with some MX-4 Paste and got the Factory OC to even higher right now the core is 2100mhz full tilt and gets to 70c in game and stress test. the memory is Plus 550 with MSI Afterburner and a custom fan curve.


The CPU has been @ 5ghz for sometime now but I just Turned on Hyperthread and I think that had a large part in why I can get my settings so high in DCS Now. here are the settings I am currently at:



Now for the longest time a lot of settings where set too low especially the clouds. Distance setting I had on LOW now at High. Clouds where Standard and now at Ultra. I did turn off MSAAx2 for better clouds and with ASW I am steady at 40FPS. with the GPU Frametime at or below 22ms, CPU FT is also very low and mostly in the green. this was measured with fpsVR.


So I am unsure what combo made me have these current settings which I have never came close to at now it probally is a combo of the OC'd GPU,CPU Ram and Hyperthreading.. 


I just wanted to put this out there that a little OC tweaking can sometimes make it happen. Now my System is yet to be Stress tested under current OC's but I do believe this PC is as Stable as it needs to be. I am going to try and Push the RAM a little higher and maybe turn the timings a little..


So far it has been great getting my old 1080GTX to perform as good as I was always hoping for it too. Now I know the rift S is a little lesser then the G2 I did have but I found higher Settings for it and it looks pretty good.


Well that is it for now hope this envokes some setting tweaking for you as well, I was surprised how well I got this PC PErforming on Air.. if you have any questions I will try to answer to  what I do know and not talk smack LOL!!

DCS High OC Settings.png

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ASRock Z590 Phantom Gaming 4/AC / Intel i7 10700K @ 4.8Ghz / Noctua DHS-14  /  Samsung 970plus m.2 1TB  /  LeadTek 3070 RTX /  G. Skill Trident Z CAS 16 - 32GB RAM @4000  /  SoundBlaster Z  / Reverb G2 /  Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar & MFD's / Buttkicker Gamer 2

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