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Cerberus Fighter Wing Recruiting


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Cerberus Fighter Wing


Cerberus Fighter Wing is a DCS Military Simulation group that focuses on emulating realistic procedures and operations in order to create an immersive experience for all pilots involved.

We are a European based group conducting training and operations in the evenings UK time


What do we offer?



● Over 200 pages of training material based on open source manuals and publications

● Initial phase (IQT) consisting of basic procedures and flight

● Mission specific phase (MQT) consisting of task specialisation


Regular Activity

● We have over 20 active pilots within our squadron who regularly fly throughout the week. 

● We offer weekly squadron and wing wide operations and events including large scale deployments



● A friendly atmosphere where questions are encouraged 

● A fun yet serious attitude when it comes to operations and events. We enjoy all aspects of the simulation. 


Internal and External Assets

● Joint operations with external squadrons

● Dedicated ATC/AWACS support for operations


Who are we looking for?


We are currently looking for F-16C and F/A-18C pilots and we are also recruiting for people to join the 960th AACS as ATC/ AWACS. 



480th Fighter Squadron

Recruitment OPEN (2 Positions)

Requirements - F-16C Module, Persian Gulf


VFA 103

Recruitment OPEN (1 Position)

Requirements - F/A-18C Module, Super Carrier Module, Persian Gulf


960th AACS

Recruitment **OPEN **

960th Airborne Air Control Squadron - GCI/ATC (1 position)


- More info on our website at; https://www.cerberusfighterwing.co.uk/

- Please check out our discord and social media by following the links;


    - DISCORD: https://discord.gg/XrVNunysZJ

    - INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/cerberusfighterwing

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