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Status of AI?

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I'm wondering what the status of the dogfighting AI is these days. Has it been updated at all recently? 


I've been practicing my P-51 vs Bf-109 (on "trained") dogfighting tactics. The AI feels like it behaves differently now than it did a couple years ago, but it still seems like the Bf-109 accelerates way too fast after a turn and always pulls away from me very quickly like it has afterburners. 


But I wasn't sure if thats just how the Bf-109 is in real life, way faster than the Mustang? Or is the AI off?

Is there a huge difference between, novice, trained, expert, and ace levels? Is this documented anywhere? Thanks!


P.S. One interesting thing I did notice was, if you damage the enemy enough to where the engine runs down or locks up, the pilot won't ditch right away and instead tries to glide the plane gently down into a field (with limited success). Thats cool!

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