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Steam crash


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  I have DCS Steam edition and everything worked great till I got the JF-17. Now my game has the title come up and that's it. I did a clean install and didn't even install the JF-17, but it still doesn't work. I haven't done anything to my computer since it stopped working, but I will attached my log file to this topic. I also have 3 CRASH files I will upload as well



dcs.20200423-012846.crash dcs.20200423-012847.crash dcs.20200423-012849.crash dcs.log.old

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please remove any unofficial mods from C:\Users\Ben\Saved Games\DCS\Mods/


then run a verify in dcs properties in steam 


let us know if it helps






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Back up you config file then delete it, Can’t remember the folder location but it should be in User/saved games. When you restart DCS will create a new file with all the default settings

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