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Day Cycles


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Do mission days just continue forever unless the map is changed? For example: If I start a mission on my dedicated server on 8/20/2021 at 8pm and leave it running indefinitely, will the day/time just continue to increase (8/21, 8/22, 8/23, etc) or does it reset after a period? Thanks 

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Sims: DCS, IL2, MSFS

Pilot Skill: Drunk guy from Independence Day

RIO Skill: Goose (post neck-break) 

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23 minutes ago, Grimes said:

It keeps going. 

... and AFAIK it will not change seasons visually (by loading seasonal textures in maps that support seasons) should you let it run long enough. Summer Caucasus will not change into Autumn Caucasus in September. I also don't know (never checked) if the positions of celestial bodies (sun, moon -> sunrise, moonrise) are dynamically recalculated for each day (and if the moon goes through phases or simply stays the same for the entire duration of the mission runtime) 

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