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USA only - MFG Crosswinds V2


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Had them several years, well kept and very well maintained. Just installed the damper mod plus combat pedals from Replika Gear less than 2 weeks ago. Bought me a set of Slaw RX Viper pedals as Ive been waiting for a set for nearly as long as Ive had these pedals. Pics upon request, but just be assured that they come with the old pedals as well as hardware. White. Serial#1940. NEVER had a problem with them at all! Worth every single penny I ever put into them, same for you; I promise.


Asking 300 + SH. Venmo only.

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great price, and a nice mod setup too.  good luck with your sale.  I love mine!

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I have this exact setup... MFG pedals are smooth, bulletproof, and highly adjustable.  The combat pedals and damper add even more precision and versatility.


This is a great deal.

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