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Recommended Reading: Hogs in the Sand by Buck Wyndham


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Just finished reading this journal of a young Lieutenant's combat deployment to Desert Storm. It may change your idea of how military missions are flown and carried out. Brought back a lot of memories of my deployment there.

In any event, it was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I found myself having a tough time putting it down. 

Highly recommended.





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THis is literally what I was asking for in my first post to the forum.


I have taken 3 decades of a break from military themed hardware simulations but was into Apache longbow simming and USS 688 Los Angeles Class submarine sims in the 1990s.   


I don’t think a faithful A10A or A10C simulation would have been possible last time I was into this.


Anyways, these books get you a lot of context on how these amazing machines are used, and the ways in which the folks that crew them get their jobs done, plus what it was like to be there.   Will get this.


Reading the praise in the frontispiece, this is WHY in a nutshell I want to sim the A10C:


“The A-10 saved the most lives during Desert Storm of any weapons system employed. Buck’s description of the war is interesting and riveting. His book permits one to understand the stress and horror of war. Buck’s accomplishments, and those of his fellow A-10 pilots in Desert Storm, were singular!” Buster Glosson, Lt General USAF Ret.


CAS (close air support) is about THIS.       Send Dave Johnson over there home to his family in Idaho, in one piece, alive at the end of his tour, because the thing that was coming for Dave’s team was interdicted and dealt with with deadly force by the A10Cs before it could reach him and attack.


Update: Got it and read it and it was a fun and interesting read.   There's a lot of detail about life on base in Saudi Arabia during the initial gulf war conflict,  a lot of interesting things about flying the Hog.    I think part of why I like the Hog and the Hog Pilots is the strange beauty of flying this giant titanium bathtub with enormous gun, on wings.   


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