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No Train in strafe instant action


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I choose the 'Train Strafe - Horsefly FAC' instant action mission in the Channel map.
After it starts I choose the Easy mode.
It tells me that there is a train at or near where the white smoke has dropped.
I travel for miles up and down that piece of railroad track and there is no train there.


ETA: The train shows up just fine when flying same Instant Action Mission from the Caucasus

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Added details of same mission in Caucasus map
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Slightly off topic but how do you choose a difficulty level in Instant Action? I'm prompted to access the F10 menu but that's as far as I get. Same mission too. Thanks. 

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@xqzroThe comms menu will open automatically after a short pause in the top right of your screen. You then select the F10 option with your mouse. It will then open a sub menu and you can then select any of the following using your mouse: F1=EASY, F2=MEDIUM or F3=HARD. Once a difficulty level has been selected, a message will appear on screen telling you which option was selected. Hope that helps. Cheers.

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