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DCS OpenBeta 2.7.7

Server IP:
LotAtc: Request Access
Tacview: Request Access

General Server Idea
What we wanted to bring to the DCS community is a server that will be persistent, hardcore, and fun.
While we are mainly Rotary wing focused, this does not mean we do not like the fixed-wing airframes.
Helping other players in building FARP, units, and capturing airfields is a very important part of our server. 

Discord<<Click me

Israel and Syria have been in conflict for thousands of years. 
Since 2022, After the ceasefire ordered by the Council of nations, Syria Has spent the last 20 years gearing up for war. 
Syria and the Council of Nations are not willing to allow the dictatorship to have such a large arsenal.

The border needs to be reinforced to protect Israel from a possible Syrian Invasion. 

Once the border is reinforced, we can start the push into Syria to remove the dictator from power. 
Damascus is heavily reinforced by his followers. Destroy factories and airfields.

Frequencies can be found in your kneeboard. 

There are Easter Eggs in this server mission. Good luck finding them!

Game Plan
Reinforce the front line(indicated on map)
Push the Syrian forces from the border
Move into Syria and capture the Factories, Airfields, and strategic points
Dwindle the Syrian forces until the supply is low enough for an attack on Damascus
Assassinate the Dictator

This server is  persistent, constantly evolving campaign. What this means is, everything you do is kept on the server after a restart.

There is a finite amount of supply for both Syria and Israel. 
This means if you take off in a helicopter or a jet, and loose the aircraft that will no longer be in the supply
However, there are factories across the map for resupply of Airframes, Fuel, Munitions, and troops. 
Don't forget that you will need to resupply the airfields and FARPS with the required munitions. 

We save stats on the server, that includes but not limited to;
Flight hours
Weapons Specifics
AI specifics

Be kind....
Work together
No trolling
No Teamkilling

Combined Arms
Yes! We love combined arms users!
If you would like to have the ability to have a combined arms slot, do not hesitate to ask!
We keep the slots limited to users who are on the discord and have some form of reputation with Gracey's Village. This keeps trolls, and griefing to a minimum

The weather is a slightly bumpy, and chilly light overcast. 
The time starts at 730 am(first run) and continues through the night into the next day. 
Weather can change overtime.

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