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Does the F4U have a map plotting board?


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I'm not actually sure if that's the correct name for the device, but just go with me here, and heck the video reference I've found could just be a bit of movie magic shenanigans but...


In this video, and at this moment of it, you can see the F6F Hellcat has a pull out map plotting table. 

Then, in this recent screenshot you can see something that looks like that navigation table pushed in underneath the instrument panel.  https://leatherneck-sim.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Screen_220106_233855.png

I'm going to expect the answer is 'no you can't pull it out.'   Despite that, I remain hopeful that maybe one day we will be able to.  Maybe with a little map that we could draw on (or just act like a sort of pseudo kneeboard for your map pages.)

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At least in a different simulator it is indeed used as a kneeboard/navigation table. It would be cool to be used in the same function in DCS, especially because there already is a kneeboard function in the game anyway.

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You know it does have it for the screenshot, workable or not and to what extent who knows, but it would be a nice detail. If you could actually plot over the map there that would be awesome, but I highly doubt they go on with such a frivolity.

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The plot board can easily be made with rotating discs, but being able to write on it would require ED's support.


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