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Adding waypoints


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Hi TBone,

Select the unit you have added, and on the right hand side you will see 5 little icons..the left most of which is the "waypoint" icon (labelled as such).

Select that (though it is selected by default whenever you create a unit) , and then make sure the "add" is selected from the options below.

Then, when you next click on the map a waypoint will be added there for that unit...click again and another waypoint will be added.

Change from "add" to "edit" if you wish selct or modify the position of a waypoint.


I believe the GUI manual has an excellent set of basic tutorials for th mission editor, so you should do those.

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You can read the page 98 of the dcs-bs_gui_manual_.

Talks about the first modal button, route.

When you select a heli, and click on the map, you make your first waypoint and select state, take off, landing, beginning loop, etc.

If you click on other place of the map, you will create your second waypoint.

I hope you enjoy the manuals.

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