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Consistant MP CTD


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BS consistently crashes to the desktop during multiplayer at 3minutes and 14 seconds after takeoff and heading toward WP4 on only 1 server.

The server is =TuAF=Server (Dedicated) Ping is 252




If I fly on any other server it does not crash, I am running unmodified BS on a Asus B5N E6600 with 4 gig of PC6400 ram and 8800GT video,I use Saitek X52 but with no drivers installed just usb recognized by Windows XP. I am using embedded sound since I can not hear so good anymore anyway!.


I know the answer is play on a different server, but I wonder why it crashes only on this one that is Dedicated? :huh:

Ask Jesus for Forgiveness before you takeoff :pilotfly:!

PC=Win 10 HP 64 bit, Gigabyte Z390, Intel I5-9600k, 32 gig ram, Nvidia 2060 Super 8gig video. TM HOTAS WARTHOG with Saitek Pedals

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