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UH-60L Black Hawk Mod ("Official" Thread)

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I get very low fps with the UH-60 mod (usually around 10 and max 40), whereas with all other DCS official or mod planes/helicopters I never get below 60 fps at the same location in Caucasus.

I noticed that I can gain about 10-15 fps when I quit a flight and restart it, but it's still very low compared to all the other aircrafts.

Are there specific graphical settings to be careful about with this mod? Does it require more RAM, VRAM than others?

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Some mods are slower or faster then others. But you are getting unreasonably low FPS. I generally avg. of 120 FPS, dropping to 75-90 range on busy scenes. You likely have Global displays options on too high. Start with turning of all antialiasing, Depth of Field, Motion Blur, MSAA, anisotropic filter. Civilian Traffic to low. Forrest options to low. Post screencap of your DCS display options and your system specs.

On Nvidia (if you gave Nvidia) side, in Nvidia Control Panel/Manage 3D Settings/ Texture Filtering Quality   set to High Performance.

For Nvidia boards install Game Ready drivers instead of Studio Drivers.

In C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\metashaders2  . Empty the folder and restart DCS.

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