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Interest in a training sub forum?


Interest in a training sub forum?  

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  1. 1. Interest in a training sub forum?

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What about checking to see if there is any interest for

a DCS sub forum called *Cadet's lounge* or something....

A forum for training and advice to beginners of the ka50?


Otherwise I'll start posting 100 threads on why i crash all the time :helpsmilie:


perhaps it would be good if there was some motivation for either way also

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it would probably be very helpful initially learning how to operate BS.




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I vote yes, good idea Yoda. But people should also learn how to name threads not only see "help", "not working", "strange problem" :)

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Sure it's gonna be helpful to have all the useful info in one place. True, there are always the training tracks, the manual and Matt's videos but BS is so complex that sometimes things may go out of the book. Extra training is never too much.

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I say Yes, specially for future modules with even more complexity, if that is possible without turning the series into a second carrier/job :D

To whom it may concern,

I am an idiot, unfortunately for the world, I have a internet connection and a fondness for beer....apologies for that.

Thank you for you patience.



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...things becoming quality here.......that´s the way to go...sharing experiences....


...posts in structure bout different sections and topics ...


...everything what can be placed under "training and learning" .......


not often seen unfortunatly but great idea...... especially there is almost nothing in that sector (choppers).....


i think - maybe - mods should create such a plattform - imagine the interactive communications and just the

common interest in that area. superb.


i haven´t seen such things often, cuz mostly things were kept "secret" as squadron information only

("how ridiculous" ....NO HOW ÜBER-ridiculous.. anyways...)


but there are also some examples or persons thinking totally openminded ...at thats when things make fun.

enjoying all the informative chit-chat around all....


bottom line ...before i go dr. priest here again ... GREAT IDEA !

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